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EcoPlasma T

EcoPlasma T

SERIES / 系列 Plasma 電漿系列
APPLICABLE / 適用制程 CVD , Diffusion 適用
EQUIPMENT MODEL / 設備型號 EcoPlasma-T (De-Nox)
CAPACITY / 處理能力 500slm

Plasma water washing exhaust gas processor
It is our duty to protect environment.

Equipment tyep:Plasma water washing
Process:Preheated exhaust gas→Pyrolysis vortex plasma (2,000~10,000C°)→Washing dissolved poison gas→Water washing cooling and exhausting
Process gas:PFCs Gas (CF4SF6NF3...) & N2O....

Plasma & Wet Gas Scrubber for CVD & Matel Etch & PAD Etch

* Variable Plasma Power

     - Lower power 5KW ~ 10KW for NF3

     - 6KW ~ 20KW for N2O

* High DRE for CVD Gas and N2O

     - Low Power, High Surface Discharger : Reinforce Energy Efficiency

     - Plasma Swirl Effect: Improve Gas Mixing by Turbulence

     - High efficiency for N2O gas

* Easy Maintenance

     - Reduce PM Time

* Water Flowing Wall

     - Anti-clogging for Powder, Long PM Time

* De-NOx   

    - Special design for NOx reduction