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Company Introduction

The development of high technology industry driving change in the world economy. However, behind the high technology developing rapidly, it is not only bring high efficiency but also high pollution.

Therefore, how to solve high pollution problem in high technology industry is the key of continuing developing world economy. It is one of main topics which whole world is concerned now.

Under such an environmental background, our scrubber was bron for it. We are dedicated to waste gas treatment of high-tech industries, and return human beings a pure and safe atmosphric environment.


Company Conviction

Followed   international high standard of environment, we are committed to high efficiency, high tech content, high environment requirements to research and production of waste water and gas treatment system by strong technical advantages.


Company Target

To be a pioneer in environmental protection of the world, we are going to develop the enterprise into a leader in waste gas treatment in Asia.


Strategy Direction

       Enviornmental protection

       High technology industry, gradually penetrate into traditional industry

       The production and processing of exhausted gas systems, gradually

         expand the production and processing of related fields.


It is our duty to protect and cherish enviornment.

Chiyo Enterprises Limited is a comprehensive environmental protection equipment company.

We are a professional company integrating technology development, technical services, environmental equipment manufacturing, general contracting of projects, and comprehensive utilization of resources.

We are committed to reduction of   waste gas (greenhouse gas PFCs Gas), toxic gas, dust, and yellow and white smoke (PM 2.5) which generated during the manufacturing process of semiconductors and traditional industries. Therefore, to achieve the goals of environmental pollustion control and ecological environment restoration.

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